1. Famous People with Dyspraxia

    Did you know that Albert Einstein had dyspraxia and struggled to tie his shoe laces? Or how about Daniel Radcliffe? Read on to find out how having dyspraxia shouldn’t be seen as detrimental to your career, whatever you may choose to do.

  2. Comparing the Yando Screener and a Full Dyspraxia Test

    We are often asked whether the Yando Screener is as accurate as a full dyspraxia test. This question often indicates a misunderstanding about the role of disability screening tools in education. In this article we hope to clear up this misunderstanding, and show why a comparison with a full dyspraxia test is misplaced.

  3. Yando Screener Webinar

    We were delighted to be contacted by Arran Smith of the SEND Group to run a free webinar highlighting the benefits of our online post-16 dyspraxia screener.