Yando Screener Webinar

We were delighted to be contacted by Arran Smith of the SEND Group to run a free webinar highlighting the benefits of our online post-16 dyspraxia screener.

Arran is a respected SEND consultant, who has delivered webinars on a number of special educational needs topics over the years, so for him to show an interest in our screener made us all feel pretty good at Yando HQ!

All Attendees Received 5 Free Dyspraxia Screenings

The webinar was very well attended by people from post-16 schools, colleges and universities, as well as people with a general interest in dyspraxia screening solutions. Everyone who attended received full access to the Yando Screener dashboard as well as 5 free screenings.

Dyspraxia Strengths and Weaknesses all Covered in the Report

In the webinar Arran talked about how the Yando Dyspraxia Screener is being used by post-16 institutions to identify students with dyspraxic tendencies, and how the strategies provided in the reports were being used to overcome their difficulties.

All those who attended the webinar received an example screening report, and the overwhelming feedback was that they’d not seen any other screening report provide as much quality information relating to the individual's strengths and weaknesses. The delegates also commended the depth of strategies provided in the report.

Dyspraxia Screener Dashboard

Arran went on to demonstrate how the how the screener dashboard is optimised to ensure that disability support staff are able to distribute screenings to students quickly and and follow up with students once they have completed their screening.

We’ve received great feedback on the user experience, both from institution staff and from screening candidates themselves. Although the Yando Dyspraxia Screener has only been available since the start of the year, we already have over 30 Higher Education institutions trialling it.

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